PT Onasis Indonesia was established in 2004. PT Onasis Indonesia is a professional contractor company for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Pipeline for Oil & Gas Services.

PT Onasis Indonesia is fully committed to serve the clients by providing its best core competence to complete work & to offer the best Cost, Quality and Delivery for its project.

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New Office
Jun 22, 2011
Fabrication and Yard Facility

The Fabrication Yard is located in Tambora East Kalimantan, appropriate 45 km from Samarinda.

Total Area of the yard is 106.650 m2 & consist of:

  • Office Area : 226 m2
  • Workshop Area : 846 m2
  • Sand Blasting Area : 354 m2
  • Warehouse Area : 490 m2
  • Mess/ Camp Area : 1131 m2 for ± 500 person
  • Canteen : 117 m2
  • Skid Way Capacity : 4.000 Tons
  • Jetty Length : 150 m
  • Open Area : 103.484 m2

Fabrication Yard Equipment

  • Crawler Crane 150 tons (2 units)
  • Crawler Crane 160 tons ( 1 unit)
  • Mobile Telescopic Crane 70 Tons
  • Crane IHI 50 Tons
  • Crane Link Belt 50 Tons
  • Crane P & H 40 Tons
  • Crane Tadano TR. 280 E
  • Flatbed Truck Crane 2 unit
  • Fork lift 2 unit
  • Rolling Machine 1 unit
  • Welding Machine 42 units
  • Welding Transformer 67 units
  • Compressor 7 units
  • Generator 14 units
  • Winches 10 units
  • Water Pump 16 units

Other Heavy Equipment

  • Excavator
  • Lathe Machine
  • Swam Backhoe

Marine Spread

  • Crane Barge, with 150 Tons Crane Capacity (3 units)
  • Work Barge eith 160 Tons Crane Capacity (1 unit)
  • Laying Barge, with 30 Tons pipe Tensioner 4" - 32" Ø pipe
  • Survey Vessel
  • Landing Craft Tank
  • Sea Truck
  • Speed Boat
Management Commitment

  • President Director of PT Onasis Indonesia is responsible for the Quality Management System.
  • Ensure that the quality process is communicated throughout department to be implemented, maintained, and controlled utilize to meet customer requirement.
  • Ensure that the project quality plan definite the quality policy and quality objective and meet customer specific requirement and fully auditable.
  • Ensure that the quality requirements shall be fulfilled are regularly reported on its effectiveness and development.
  • Ensure the provision of adequate resources to support the company activity in dealing with the business streams orders and meeting the customer expectation.

General Statement

  • The assurance of quality is fundamental to all work undertaken by PT Onasis Indonesia and is the responsibility of all personnel in their daily activities.
  • Quality is enhanced by working in a systematic manner to formalize procedures, designed to prevent the occurrence of nonconformance.
  • It shall be the responsibility of individual Department Manager's in conjunction with the Quality Manager to compile and implement procedures, integrating their requirements into their regular working methods and ensuring that all such methods are clearly defined and documented.
  • Quality Manager responsible to monitor constantly the implementation of the quality system in order to verify that the necessary systems and procedures exist, or in their absence, to determine that they are developed, and to verify implementation by regular auditing.

It is PT Onasis Indonesia vision to become The market leaders in contractor services for onshore and offshore field, and to enhance quality, safety, environmental and business performance.

  • Set up and develop companys skills, resources and financial capability to take over foreign partnerships.
  • Hire professional engineers with satisfactory academic performances and suitable field work experiences.
  • Strengthen company' national competitiveness.
  • PT ONASIS INDONESIA commit to meet client's requirement and satisfaction and achievement of quality objectives.
  • The Management of PT Onasis Indonesia is committed to maintain, and to continually improve the quality standard that have been established
Company Profile

Experienced in the Onshore, Offshore and related services, PT Onasis Indonesia is capable in such projects as Engineering, Onshore and Offshore Services, and also Underwater Works, Supporting Vessel Operation as well as specific Procurement works for the E & P field projects in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The companies are back up by our professional human resources, knowledge, expertise, and commitment with the support of solid management

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